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Religião, uma resposta evolutiva?

Já vi o Richard Dawkins comentar esta ideia de a religião/fé ser um produto da evolução.

A ver se descubro o vídeo para o colocar aqui.

Entretanto, Pascal Boyer dá nos a sua opinião sobre o assunto.

Religion: Bound to believe?
by Pascal Boyer

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"Atheism will always be a harder sell than religion, Pascal Boyer explains, because a slew of cognitive traits predispose us to faith."

"Is religion a product of our evolution? The very question makes many people, religious or otherwise, cringe, although for different reasons. Some people of faith fear that an understanding of the processes underlying belief could undermine it. Others worry that what is shown to be part of our evolutionary heritage will be interpreted as good, true, necessary or inevitable. Still others, many scientists included, simply dismiss the whole issue, seeing religion as childish, dangerous nonsense."

"Such responses make it difficult to establish why and how religious thought is so pervasive in human societies — an understanding that is especially relevant in the current climate of religious fundamentalism. In asking whether religion is one of the many consequences of having the type of brains we come equipped with, we can shed light on what kinds of religion 'come naturally' to human minds. We can probe the shared assumptions that religions are built on, however disparate, and examine the connection between religion and ethnic conflict. Lastly, we can hazard a guess at what the realistic prospects are for atheism."


Texto completo pode ser encontrado aqui.

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