sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Lou Rhodes - Tremble


When you look at me
I'm as shaky as a leaf
On a new tree
One look in your eyes
And you make me

You have something rare
Ah you take me to a place
I've never known before
Oh the magic that we share
Oh it makes me makes me
Tremble, yeah

And when you hold my hand
Oh I could dust with joy
Baby understand
I never felt this way with any other boy

Darlin', pity me
Tho' there's no place on this earth
I'd rather be
Hmmm and all the world can see
How you make me make me
How you make me make me
Tremble, yeah, yeah
How you make me make me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...

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@n@bel@ disse...

É uma senhora, saudades dos Lamb :(