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A Signature of the Creator

Gosto de ver estes tipos.

Mas é preciso ter cuidado, arranjei uma data de vídeos destes a um colega e ele levou os a sério.

Eu a modos que pensei que ele estava a gozar comigo mas não estava.

Só por curiosidade, o pai do idiota responsável por este vídeo está preso por fuga aos impostos.

O argumento dele é que não era obrigado a pagar impostos porque esses mesmos impostos pertencem a deus (presumo que a divindade do "good book") e não ao governo Americano.


O texto que segue é dos imbecis do Creation Science Evangelism.

Faz sempre bem uma pessoa rir um pouco depois de um dia trabalho, para descontrair.

E acreditem, se por acaso virem algum vídeo do Ken Hovind, vão rir e rir.

O tipo diz aquilo com uma convicção...

"What if we could see the signature of a Creator imbedded upon His creation? For years, the debate has raged: is there a God? How can we be sure? Christians are often confronted with the challenge of proving the existence of God. And yet He can be seen throughout the marvels of His creation. Romans 1:20 tells us that "the invisible things of him [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen...by the things that are made." So can we really see an invisible God simply by looking around us?

The cuttlefish is a cephalopod which operates with such sophisticated technology that scientists today are struggling to understand just how this creature came to be. This creature is a perfect example of God's magnificent design, demonstrating stealth tactics, among other features, which include not only changing colors, but also texture, to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. If it is perched atop a barnacle-covered rock, it can conform to mirror the rock as well as the barnacles. But God's amazing creation goes further. The cuttlefish can perform this feat in a split second, and never even look at itself to examine its disguise. He does it by instinct. God is showing forth His glory through His creation.

If we see a painting, we understand there is a painter. Though we may not see him, we know he exists. If we see a complex space shuttle, we understand that this did not come about by accident. We understand that complexity demands an intelligent designer. The amazing thing is that this Designer has told us in His Word to examine His creation in order to "see" Him. And when we take a look, even at a humble sea creature such as the cuttlefish, we are amazed at the complexity and genius of His creation. In fact, when we look at something as amazing as the cuttlefish, in a way, we see God. And the last part of Romans 1:20 tells us that when we look at His creation and see Him, we are "without excuse" for not believing in a Creator."

Ken Hovind - Wikipédia

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