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Top 5 Tom Cruise Crazy Moments

Não resisto a transcrever o post completo Top 5 Tom Cruise Crazy Moments, que pode ser encontrado no blog Lets Get Tight, que o Luís me enviou para ver.

As minhas desculpas por não estar a ser original, mas estes vídeos ficam tão bem aqui...

I could watch Tom Cruise all day long. Every sentence out of his mouth is like a movie trailer. It starts off soft spoken, builds to a raucous climax, and then leaves you wondering; what the hell is going to happen next?

Here are 5 great moments Tom Cruise gave to us.

1.) Textbook Tom

Tom Cruise on Oprah Expressing Love for Katie Holmes

This is Tom at his finest. Laughing, clapping, making that face you make when a doctor gives you a shot; the one when you clench your teeth and breathe in real fast and hard, right as they give you the injection.

2.) Deep-thinking Tom

Tom Cruise Gets Squirted in The Face by French Prank Show

One of my favorite things about Tom is that everything is so intense. He gets a quick squirt in the face during a stupid french bloopers show, and he acts like he's having a heart to heart with a criminal who mindlessly killed his family in cold blood.

He's so angry, but yet he's still trying to figure out "why? why!?"

3.) Crazy Tom has arrived.

Tom Cruise knocks Brooke Shields for taking anti depressants.

This video is short and sweet. It's important because this was the world's introduction to Tom Cruise's craziness. Before this he was just an intense, over the top actor. Now he's straight bat shit insane.

4.) Doctor Cruise - Follow up to #3

Tom Cruise Explains How All prescription drugs are evil.

Apparently in between flying jets with Goose and Iceman, Tom took sometime to "read up" on the history of psychiatry and the effects of every drug in the world. What is he doing wasting his time making movies? He could be curing cancer with his vitamin and exercise regiment.

5.) Pastor Tom

Tom Cruise Receives Scientology award; video leaked.

This is Tom putting all of his personalities to use. I must admit, he's passionate, charismatic, intense, unwaivering, convincing; this guy should start a cult continue running a cult.

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