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Chaplain calls rival religious fellowship 'disgusting' to God

God is disgusted with California legislators – at least some of them, according to an evangelical chaplain who ruffled feathers this week in the same Capitol where he leads Bible studies for lawmakers.

Ralph Drollinger, who played basketball at UCLA in the 1970s and now heads Capitol Ministries, criticized lawmakers who participate in a separate fellowship group that embraces people of all faiths without insisting that they accept Jesus Christ as Messiah.

"Although they are pleasant men in their personal demeanor, their group is more than disgusting to our Lord and Savior," Drollinger wrote on the Capitol Ministries' Web site.

Drollinger, who has conducted Capitol Bible sessions for more than a decade, receives no compensation from the state. He is paid $120,000 annually by the nonprofit Capitol Ministries for evangelizing to politicians nationwide, records show.

Drollinger's message, also expressed in last week's Capitol Bible study session, is that religion has strict lines of right and wrong – and "progressive religious tolerance" offends God and harms its practitioners.

"What the fellowship group offers is Jesus of Nazareth, a good moral teacher who loves everyone without distinction," Drollinger wrote on his Web site. "This is a deadly lie.

"There is no true fellowship without first being reconciled to God," he wrote, defining reconciliation as "repentance from sin and faith in God through the work of Jesus Christ the Messiah."

Drollinger, in his Capitol Bible session last week, indicated that he is prepared to suffer for proclaiming what he views as God's truth.

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