sexta-feira, setembro 28, 2007

Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man - Ted Talks

Savage-Rumbaugh asks whether uniquely human traits, and other animals' behaviors, are hardwired by species.

Then she rolls a video that makes you think: maybe not. The bonobo apes she works with understand spoken English.

One follows her instructions to take a cigarette lighter from her pocket and use it to start a fire.

Bonobos are shown making tools, drawing symbols to communicate, and playing Pac-Man -- all tasks learned just by watching.

Maybe it's not always biology that causes a species to act as it does, she suggests.

Maybe it's cultural exposure to how things are done.

Cortesia de onegoodmove.

Fabuloso, nunca me lembrei da razão de nunca ter visto um Bonobo num Jardim Zoológico.

A ideia de ter animais tão semelhantes a humanos a praticarem sexo a todo o momento podia assustar as criancinhas...

Animais que resolvem as suas diferenças recorrendo ao sexo...

Que horror!

Mas por outro lado, também podiam ter mais visitantes...

TED Talks - Página oficial

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TED Talks - Susan Savage-Rumbaugh

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