quarta-feira, outubro 08, 2008

Wolfgang Press - Christianity


When the walls of Christianity begin to shake
When my life is in the balance, neither peace nor morals wake
Telling me my life is easy, debauched and thirdly heaven sent
My heart was never theirs but this Christianity will decide

I'm bruised and left alone
I get to feel so sad
People say that I was sad
People say that I was bad
People walking around with other feelings they never like to contemplate
Reacing out for love but would never say
The chirches have a network leading to the sect and to the soul
They levitate their founder's faith up to a higher ground while we stay home

I am a wicked man
I will not be this unsound
I was a wretched man before I filled this hole
When Jesus was upon his cross he never was this alone

Do do do do do

They're playing on our weaknesses and changing every sound
Who could find the right solution when they're being drowned
Har de har the vacant talk can make you see their ways
Now check your faith and sleep with love
The modern way
Now is that love
Christianity has nothing for me

Do do do do do

This Jerusalemic holy ground is only fit for mealy mouths
Whose contamination breeds subordination
I've said too many times but who leads that kind of life
When my time comes around who will plead my innocence
And I resent that these things I do
And I resent that these things are true
And I resent that these things I do

Funky Little Demons, um dos meus álbuns preferidos, e sim, tenho o original!

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